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Green Ascari Detailed view
Green Ascari Top view

The next generation artificial grass

Green Avanti breaks new ground in artificial grass technology – never has a product offered so much in terms of realism, look and feel – but also resilience.

Utilising our own 'next generation' manufacturing method, Green Avanti offers an ultra soft top layer using our 'matt finish' Diamond shaped, multi toned fibre, which is then supported and backed up by a lower level ultra resilient € shaped fibre, as well as an ultra dense 'thatchzone' – this lower layer, not only supports the soft upper fibres, but it also gives the product unrivalled density and 'bounce' once installed.

The result is a triple layered product that feels and looks like no other…

Namgrass is active in over 20 countries. We only work with local partners to provide our clients with the best service possible.

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